For this installation, all protagonists who appear in the photographs of the V-MANN photo series were invited to join the exhibition and celebrate themselves.

A considerable number of Nuremberg punks followed the invitation, as the artist has meanwhile made friends with many of them and sees himself as part of the scene. There were no rules or guidelines for this meeting, only the first presentation was to be celebrated. Equipped with crates of beer, spray paint and markers, a chaotic gathering was created, which transformed the exhibition rooms into a alternative scene room. The rooms took on the formal language of the punks, who did not stop at the photographs and thus integrated them into the installation. Dogs like Lavita, Pogo, Tonne and Murri played in the corners, which they explored curiously. The sound of Abfuck, alarm signal or Slime echoed through the exhibition.
The beer bottles shattered and covered the floor with hop juice, which melted with the paint and dirt to form a unity.
The garbage can was hijacked somewhere on campus so that the punks could also cover the upper corners with spray paint. For lack of a ladder, another object was added to the work. The VHS camera was passed from hand to hand to give everyone the opportunity to act as a cameraman and capture their impressions. These impressions of the party were then presented during the vernissage of the annual exhibition in combination with clips from the previous year.

The opening of the exhibition was again attended by the participants of the “housewarming party” and extended the installation. With creative ideas the participants brought themselves in to capture the space in their own way.  
The border between artists and punks was gradually dissolved in this installation, so that a group work resulted in this installation.
No matter if it was spray paint or garbage, everything was left in its original state as it was left after the party.