Portals are symbolic of transition.
They manifest the idea of other worlds, impossible for this world. Portals stands for ordering role in society and also the promise of being able to enter them.

In Portals, AdBK students Steve Braun and Federico Braunschweig show the different outgrowths that the ideas of other worlds take on and how they are conditioned by portals.
They work on a monumental scale, using a wide range of media and techniques and drawing on forms between science fiction and antiquity. Escapist dream meets apocalyptic nightmare. Sacral forms such as portals, obelisks and altars are neglected or misappropriated.

The result is a space in a vacuum that addresses a disturbed relationship to the transcendent, at the interface between this world and the hereafter, where it is not yet decided which projection to believe.


we’ve built portals
we’re not sure where they’ll take you
or if you’ll ever come back….
take the chance
step through
enter the beyond

© 2019 by Steve Braun